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A News Story

This is probably the hardest kind of story to get for a product promotion. One possibility might be having a big, special event—but it has to be very special to get any news coverage, especially if you live in a big city where there is lots of competing hard news. In a smaller city or town, however, you may have more luck, because there is less competition from local and national news. Another possibility if there is some news angle about your product or company itself is to have some kind of press party, to which you invite the press.

In either case, you never know if you will get news coverage, because coverage depends on what else is going on at the time. And even if it seems that you will have a good response to your advance reservations to your event or press party, if something comes up at the last minute, there can go your news coverage—though you can try to follow-up afterward with the people who expressed some interest initially but then didn't come. Maybe they'll be willing to do some special interview or story with you once other things calm down.

In any case, you will still need a press release with a headline highlighting the event or the press conference. Put your details about what, why, how, where, and when in the first paragraph, so you provide the gist of the event or press conference and create some interest in being there. Then, go on with the details and include any backup material along with your press release, such as a flier or invitation to the event or press conference. Also, if you've gotten any previous clips that increase credibility or show interest in what you are doing, especially in the national media, include these.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Bobbi Randolph
Elizabeth Reagh




A gala San Francisco send-off in the spirit of glasnost will be held to celebrate the new game with a Soviet theme: GLASNOST/ which is now getting national attention, on Saturday, November 5th, just two days before the celebration of the Russian Revolution. It will be held appropriately enough at the Red Square, a Soviet-theme club at 1748 Haight
Street on the 5th from 9 to 10 P.M.

There will be a press conference before the party from 8 to 9 P.M. It will include a representative from the Soviet Consulate, as well as the GLASNOST game designer, Gini Graham Scott, from San Francisco, and the game's artist and publisher, and officers of the
U.S.-U.S.S.R. Friendship Society. Also present will be the editors and publishers from New World Library, which will be publishing Gini Graham Scott's new book on the Soviet Union next year: A CITIZEN DIPLOMAT IN THE U.S.S.R., and Sanford Kellman, owner of the Red Square, which features Russian decor, entertainment, videos, slides, and music every
Tuesday and Saturday night.

The game, which has just been launched nationally, has recently been featured in The New York Times in an article on how America is suddenly discovering an interest in things Russian. The game has also gained praise from numerous individuals seeking to improve Soviet-American relations, including the Consul General of the Soviet Consulate in San Francisco, the President of the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Friendship Society of San Francisco, and representatives of the Soviet Peace Committee in Moscow. The game has been produced by Changemakers, a company in San Francisco devoted to making a change, and the John N. Hansen Company, Inc., of Millbrae, California, which is publishing and distributing the game nationally. The celebration on November 5th is being sponsored by Changemakers and the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Friendship Society.

In the GLASNOST game, players are Americans and Soviets involved in negotiating, debating, and engaging in business and cultural exchanges. The object of the game is to work towards peace, and players score by obtaining Peace Chips for themselves and their countries through getting pairs of Soviet and American Chips, that represent a balance of power. The game is designed to not only be fun and exciting, but to be educational and encourage players to think and talk about topics of current Soviet-American interest—everything from how the U.S. and Soviets can encourage more trade and tourism to what American TV programs would do well on Soviet TV.

The designer. Dr. Gini Graham Scott has been to the Soviet Union twice with GLASNOST, once on a legal studies trip in 1987 which inspired the game, and most recently on a trip this past summer with a citizen diplomacy group, where she played and showed he game to dozens of Soviet citizens. A representative in the Soviet Union is arranging for production of the game in the U.S.S.R.

Besides GLASNOST, Scott has had over 24 games published with major companies, and she is the author of 15 books.

For further details on the game, to make reservations for the party, or to schedule interviews with Gini Graham Scott please call (415) 387-1771.


A good example of this approach is the Glasnost press party we set up at a local nightclub which was then featuring a Soviet theme. We also included clips from The Hew York Times and newsweek, and we arranged for a number of prominent people to be at the event and make brief remarks at the press conference to give the event more clout. About a dozen press people showed up, and we even got a TV journalist who did a 2-minute segment for a big Soviet news program broadcast to about 18 million people. Then, that became an item that could be used in subsequent press releases about the game.

Note again the standard release format: 'For Immediate Release," 'Contact:,' and a head, with a subhead explaining a little more about the event, and a subhead announcing the time of the press conference.

In the case of news releases, these should go to the local city editor of the larger papers in your area (on the order of a San Francisco Chronicle or San Jose Mercury), to the news editor of smaller daily and weekly papers, and to the news assignment editor of your local radio or TV stations. If you know the name of a local news editor, and there is only one news editor for a paper or other media in your area, use this. Otherwise, just sending the release to the editor by title is fine, since there may be different people who handle the news assignments depending upon when your event or press conference is scheduled.

Include any supporting material along with your release to build your credibility, such as clips from other areas or national media, if you have them. If there has been just a brief mention, use a red pen to highlight this with underlining, bracketing, or an arrow. I've included some examples from my own experience in doing this with the Glasnost game.

In the case of news releases, send it to arrive about a week to ten days for the print media and about three to four days in the case of radio and TV news. Again, follow up, in this case a day or two before the event or press conference to check if the media plans to send anyone to cover it. If they have lost or discarded the release, be prepared to give a brief, interesting description to spark their interest in the event, and then send the release again. Finally, do one last follow-up on the day of the event or press conference to reconfirm that people are coming, remind those who may have forgotten or pushed your event or press conference down in priority, and take one last shot at sparking the interest of anyone who may not have gotten your release or may have ignored it before.






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TITLE: Network Marketing

Network Marketing Category: Network Marketing

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