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Features Stories About Your Product Or Service

The approach here is much like dealing with a business editor, except now you need a feature or people-oriented hook (which could combine a people orientation with business, as long as the people emphasis is strong). When in doubt, do separate releases so your approach is more targeted to the media section you want to reach. Just keep in mind that these releases will be going to the editors for sections with titles like 'People,' 'Style,' 'Foods,' 'Of Women's Interest' and the like, and target your material accordingly.

Think about what may be uniquely appealing and of human interest about your product, company, or you. While some of the unique business angles may work here, too, think about nonbusiness benefits and features of your product that may make an interesting story. For example,

• "Campers lost in the woods survive on algae" (if you are selling diet nutritional tablets made of algae)

• "Peace groups use new program to promote peace" (if you are promoting some sort of product that is used as a fund-raiser by peace groups)
• "80-year old grandmother discovers new career in her backyard" (if you have someone in your sales group who is very old and successful)

Also, sometimes celebrities involved in a program may provide that special newshook that may interest features editors, although usually this works best in a smaller city or town where celebrity involvement is not so common or newsworthy. In big cities like Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco, celebrity connections may not be newsworthy, unless there's some corporate hoopla coupled with a media blitz—not something you can normally do.

Again, use the press release with follow-up about a week later approach. As usual, note deadlines in sending these out if you want to tie the feature to any dated event. With newspapers, allow a week or two; with weekly papers, about two to three weeks; with monthly publications, about four to eight weeks.

As with business editors, get the names of the current feature editor for a particular section of the press if you can. Or address your press materials to the "Features Editor." Here, too, you may find there are guest columns where you might be able to submit an article, though again, the article must be informative, with any promotional material about you and your product or company at the end of the article. If you are marketing products in the health or foods area, these lend themselves especially to articles by you on this topic, and again, if you can't write it yourself, maybe a person in your sales group or a ghost writer can.

You'll see an example of a release I used for Glasnost on the following page. Note that I included names and phone numbers to contact, used the usual approach of beginning with the notice 'For Immediate Release/ and then included a headline featuring what I thought was currently most news-worthy. Also, I included a subhead for an added slant.

Contact: Bobbi Randolph
Elizabeth Reagh
(415) 567-2747





"GLASNOST is not only an interesting game, but it's beyond a game, because human relations and war and peace is not a game.' Ken Kelley, journalist and interviewer who recently interviewed President-Elect George Bush.

"I think the game is helpful, because . . . this will help to introduce people, both children and adults alike, to the ideas and notions that our leaders have to deal with in their everyday lives and work." Gennady Zolotov, USSR Deputy Consul General, Soviet Consulate.
"We feel that this GLASNOST game is going to be a real breakthrough for the American public, and for the Soviet public, too. I think it is of great value because it encourages the exchange of ideas and debate, and it promotes the issue of peace, which is the issue of our times." John Garb, President, U.S.-U.S.S.R. Friendship Society of San Francisco.

These are just some of the comments made at a recent press conference held at the Red Square Night Club in San Francisco to launch GLASNOST: THE GAME OF SOVIET-AMERICAN PEACE AND DIPLOMACY. The game, published by the John N. Hansen Company, Inc. of Millbrae, California, is now in stores all over the country. It is also now being used as a fund-raiser by individuals and groups involved in promoting peace, citizen diplomacy, and Soviet-American relations. GennadyAlferenko of the Foundation for Social Inventions in Moscow is currently arranging for production of the game in the Soviet Union as a joint venture, and a book on the Soviet Union by the creator of the game, Gini Graham Scott of San Francisco, is now scheduled for publication in 1989 by the New World Library under the title: A CITIZEN DIPLOMAT IN THE U.S.S.R.

Additionally, the trademark, art, and logo for the game are being licensed by TMfieC Licensing of Florham Park, New Jersey. According to company president Carolyn Caffrey, who has also handled the licensing for Lionel Trains and Hasbro Industries: "We see this image on the game box cover of the Soviet and American hands shaking as a powerful symbol of the new improved relations between the two superpowers. This opening up of Soviet society is something unique and historic, and we have had a great deal of interest in licensing this image from national manufacturers, since the American consumer is responding to this trend to better relations."

According to publisher John Hansen, who appeared at the press conference, "Some very exciting things are being planned for the game. It is now being handled by our company's 25 showrooms and 150 salesmen around the country, and a big advertising promotion with F.A.O. Schwarz in Washington, D.C. has just run as a national kick-off. Plans are also underway to produce the game in England next year."

The game's creator, Gini Graham Scott, who heads up Changemakers, says there has been a growing response to the company's grassroots marketing campaign, too. According to Scott: 'My original idea for this game was to contribute to the growing desire for peace between the world's two great superpowers, and I have been gratified by the acceptance the game has achieved. I'm very, very pleased we have been able to initiate a network of distributors through educational organizations, new age companies, and individuals and groups working for peace and improved Soviet-American relationships. So far some of the individuals and groups involved in distributing the game include Jane Hauser of Beyond War, who is based in Walnut Creek; Chris McCluney of the Washington Research Institute/ 3220 Gallery in San Francisco; Gordon Fox of the Washington Council of American-Soviet Friendship in Seattle, Washington; Margaret Harlow of the Network of Women in Slavic Studies in Alexandria, Virginia; Victoria Litz of the Citizen Exchange Council in New York, New York; the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Friendship Society in San Francisco; and the No War Toys Coalition in San Francisco. I have also demonstrated the game at numerous conferences and meetings, including an exhibit and presentation at the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs' Club in Santa Clara.

The advertising and packaging for the game has also been entered in the 1989 prestigious Clio Awards for originality in packaging.

For more details on the game, full transcripts from the kick-off press conference, interviews with the game designer, Gini Graham Scott, or photographs of the game, press conference, or Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs' Club exhibit please call (415) 567-2747.






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TITLE: Network Marketing

Network Marketing Category: Network Marketing

Shopping Mall: Network Marketing

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