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Attracting People To Hear Your Message By Creating An Event

One way to attract people who may be potential customers or distributors is to present your program as part of an interesting event that serves as a draw. Such events are also a way to keep the present distributors in your organization excited and involved.

The important thing is to make your event enjoyable and fun. You want to appeal to people as consumers first— so they really like your product or how you present it. Then, if they are sold on the event, they may not only want to be customers but may be interested in promoting the product or service, too.

You are only limited by your imagination. Use the following ideas as a jumping-off point. Then plan events that fit your own product, personal style, and the tastes of the people you expect to attend.

For example, we have used social interaction and communication games as a means of attracting sizable groups of people to a fun event (usually about 10 to 20 persons each time), and before that event we presented one or two product demonstrations, for instance, a Get Healthy with Games Night; a Food, Fun, and Games Night; a Travel and Games Night; and more.

At another successful series of events we had a minitrade show in conjunction with what we called a Gala Game Fair, attended by about 55 to 50 persons. We invited people to bring their literature and demonstrate their products, and we provided an area with table space for this purpose. Usually 6 or 7 persons came armed with products, and everyone had a chance to mix informally for about 45 minutes to learn about the products. Then we played games. You might want to use some activity other than games yourself, but the trade show idea could be a good way to work cooperatively with other people where you share expenses and are able to draw many more people to the event than you could individually.

Still another possibility might be a theme party that ties in with your product, such as a food tasting party if you are marketing a food line; or a travel party if you are marketing travel. For example, a woman from Beverly Hills used a travel party approach to market a travel pro-gram to singles. She sent out invitations, using her list of hundreds of single partygoers, and prepared for a swinging Beverly Hills-style party with all the trimmings. She charged ten dollars at the door, served up exotic salads and party dips, let people mingle for about a half hour, and showed a brief travel slide show which described both the program and some highlights of the marketing plan. Afterward, people had a chance to sign up with their sponsor or take literature home. Finally, those who wanted— usually about half the guests—were able to party in earnest.

Other Possibilities

Here are some other suggestions for events to stimulate interest in your program.

Potluck Dinner and Product Presentation. Invite everyone to bring a dish, and coordinate what people bring, so you have a good mixture of courses. Before or after the dinner show your product, and if you're marketing a food product, make it the main event.

Get-Together for the Neighbors. To invite them, leave fliers for them at their doors or in their mailboxes, preferably after the regular mail delivery comes since postal workers sometimes confiscate unofficial mail. On your flier, explain that you are involved in an exciting new program, and you would like to invite your neighbors to a festive occasion to tell them about it. Also, if you don't already know your neighbors, well, note that this is a chance for the neighbors to get together to know each other better.

Show-and-Tell Evening. Invite everyone to bring whatever they want, and encourage the performers to perform. You, of course, demonstrate your product or service.

Movable Feast. This is a party that moves from one house or location to another within a relatively small area. You set up a few stops along the way—typically one for hors d'oeuvres, another for the main course, a third for dessert, and possibly a final blowout party. Then, at each place, you feature something different. For example, you might have an amateur performer at one, a dance lesson at another, a game at a third, and, of course, at one site your product or service presentation.

Barbeque or Picnic. In this case, it's best to have a product that fits in with the ongoing activities, such as low-calorie candy, a bakery product line, or toys and games. Then, in a fun way, people get to sample the product or perhaps buy it on the spot. Or you get leads for follow up if people aren't ready to buy now.

Workshop or Class Dealing with a Topic Related to Your Product. This is a powerful way to get some free exposure, because you present yourself as an expert or authority, which raises your credibility and makes people even more receptive to listening and being persuaded by you. Plus, you may even get paid for your advice. For example, suppose you're marketing a health product. You can work up a lecture or program on a subject such as "Techniques for Getting Healthy." Or if you're working with a food program, try offering a class on "Good Nutrition." You can advertise your classes or workshops locally or offer to put on the program for some group.

Health fair, with Demonstrations of Health Techniques. It helps if you're promoting a health product, but since health is defined broadly these days, almost any product that helps people feel better in any way (emotionally as well as physically) can be worked in. The event might include people giving massages, demonstrating exercises, or leading a meditation. Plus, you give a brief demonstration of how your product works to promote health. (And if it's not specifically a health product, be creative.)

Entrepreneur Exchange. A great promotional event. Find a group you belong to to sponsor this or join a business group that puts these on. People come to these exchanges prepared to learn about other products and services and talk about their own. Usually, there is a table for product literature where people display their materials and busi-ness cards. Also, people have a chance to mix and mingle around.

Sometimes there is a speaker on a business topic; sometimes not. In either case, the usual format is that some or all of the attendees can briefly talk about the product or service they offer, anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the group. Commonly, the gathering attracts 25 to 50 people, though some events may draw 100,200, even more.

Frequently, the members of these groups are not yet marketing any product or service themselves and are looking for projects to get involved with, so this is an excellent opportunity to recruit potential distributors as well as new customers.

Coming up with Other Ideas Yourself

And you can probably think of many other ideas. However, when you do, keep this in mind. In putting on these programs, you should have two major goals:

1. To show off your product or service so that people will like it but won't feel under any pressure to buy or sign up on the spot. You get their cards; you give out yours; later, you follow up.

2. To show that you are a fun, creative person to work with—so people will want to join your organization. As they can see by your participation in or organization of these events, they are not just buying or marketing a product. They also have a chance to become part of an enjoyable, supportive group of people. And that combination is hard to beat!




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TITLE: Network Marketing

Network Marketing Category: Network Marketing

Shopping Mall: Network Marketing

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