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Shopping Mall: SBC DSL and SBC Yahoo DSL Business Internet Special Promotion Offers

SBC Yahoo!® DSL SERVICE Topics: SBC Yahoo!® DSL High-Speed Internet Service, SBC Yahoo!® DIAL, SBC Long Distance

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SBC Yahoo!® DSL


SBC Yahoo!® DSL High-Speed Internet Service - Get SBC Yahoo!® DSL Internet access service today.

>> Check availability & order SBC Yahoo! DSL for $ 19.95/month* when you order at our online store.

SBC Yahoo! DSL packages include these features:
- Personalized SBC Yahoo! DSL homepage
- Customized SBC Yahoo! DSL browser
- SBC Yahoo! Mail account with 25MB of storage, POP access and email forwarding
- Up to 10 additional SBC Yahoo! Mail accounts with 10MB of storage each, POP access and email forwarding SBC Yahoo!
- Messenger with high-quality video
- SBC Yahoo! Photos and Briefcase with 110MB of online storage
- Three SBC Yahoo! Classifieds basic ads
- Three SBC Yahoo! Auctions listings
- Three Consumer Reports guides
- SBC Yahoo! Parental Controls
- Firewall software to help shield your computer from unauthorized access
- Unlimited nationwide dialup Internet access
- And more!



SBC Yahoo!® DSL Service


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SBC Yahoo!® DSL Business Tour

Internet that is built for business.

Keep in touch.
Enhanced Email & Instant Messenger keep you connected to customers and employees.

Efficient Communication
More efficient communication keeps your business humming.

Enhanced Email
Keep your email inbox with you (wherever you go on the web.)
Use your "Quick Compose" tool to send an email without having to open a new page.
You get 25 Megabytes of email storage for all your important messages.
And 10 total email accounts with 10 MB storage each. (Enough for the entire team.)

Email Marketing Trial Looking for more business?
Choose our Email Marketing Trial program at no additional cost.
Manage permission-based email lists, use email design templates, measure real-time results.

Instant Messenger
Instant Messenger lets you contact employees...instantly!
Even send and receive messages from a web-enabled mobile phone.
Away from the office...Back at the office.
Or get the whole team together face-to-face with video conferencing.

Instant File Sharing
Need to share a document? Drag it straight to an employee's name in Instant Messenger.
Instantly send files from your computer desktop.
Just a few ways we help keep your team running smoothly.

Ready when you are.
No Dialing, No Waiting. Your fast connection is always open for business.

Blazing Fast
Experience blazing fast Internet access (at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up*).

*Speed comparison to 56k modem. Actual speed may vary.

Instant Connection
With SBC Yahoo! DSL Business Edition, you're instantly connected to your business.
Know the market with dynamic business content.
Host interactive meetings with SuperWebcam functionality.
Safeguard company data with advanced security features.
You can work on the computer and the phone simultaneously. No more dialing in.
Everything you do online gets done faster.

11 Personal Accounts
Your service includes 11 individual accounts. So your whole team is connected.
Several people in the office can share one phone line. And still get great speeds.

Nationwide Access
1. And, unlimited nationwide dial-up access is included.
That means:
Someone who works outside the DSL connected office...
can still get online anywhere in the U.S.,
for unlimited minutes,
at no additional cost.

All about You.
Customize your Business Home Page & Browser to match the way you work.

You're in Control
All the information and tools you need, in one place.

Customized Business Page
Arrange your home page your way.
Minimize sections to reduce clutter.
Choose your Business Home Page content. Also choose Premium Business News at no additional cost.

Customized Browser
Your Customized Browser puts your favorite tools one click away.
Select your favorite tools...use them wherever you go online.
So everything you do online is more convenient.
Like...sending email.
Or updating your calendar.

Business Headlines
Even keep your Premium Business News headlines onscreen, all the time.

500MB Online Briefcase
Enjoy the utility of 500 Megabyte Online Briefcase at no additional cost.
The Online Briefcase for your Business.

SBC Yahoo! DSL Business Edition.
Personalized tools helping your business on the Web and off the Web.

Advanced Protection
Stay secure with the latest SpamGuard, AntiVirus software, Pop-up Blocker.

Complete Protection
Advanced safety features keep your business safe online.

SpamGuard helps stop annoying junk mail.
You can even block specific addresses.

Virus Protection
Fortify your computer with virus protection from Computer Associates'®.

Popup Blocker
Pop-Up Blocker helps stop unwanted ads from interfering with business.

Firewall Software
State-of-the-art Firewall Softwarefrom Zone Labs® helps keep hackers out.
All so you can focus on what's important. Your Business.

Just a few quick steps.

Check Availability
First, you enter your business phone number to check availability.

Wait for Confirmation
If your office gets the green light...

Order Online
You... Order
And we'll send you a kit with everything you need to get started.

Set it Up
It's easy to set up, but if you have any questions, help is always available.

Transfer Contacts
TrueSwitch software (offered by Esaya, Inc.) helps you transfer your address book, calendar and emails from your current service. So in no time your business is up to speed.

High-speed personalized Internet access.



SBC Yahoo!® DSL Service


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SBC Yahoo Dial

SBC Yahoo!® DIAL

SBC Yahoo Dial

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SBC Yahoo!® DIAL

SBC Yahoo!® Dial is the Web the way you want it. With unlimited Internet access to your personalized web experience, you get what you want when you want it. Enjoy these benefits:

Start your new SBC Yahoo! Dial experience and enjoy:
- Customized browser with easy navigation and built-in instant messaging
- Mail account with 25MB of online storage space PLUS 10 additional mail addresses - each with 10 MB of space for you and your family (no more additional mailbox charges!)
- SBC Yahoo! Photos and Briefcase with 60MB of online storage
- Three SBC Yahoo! Classifieds listings and SBC Yahoo! Auctions listings
- Parental controls to help you exercise control over the content your children can view on the Internet

Additional SBC Yahoo!® Dial Benefits:
- Homepage personalized to your interests
- Extra large email box accessible from anywhere
- Instant messenger built right into your browser
- 60MB of online storage for photos and files
- Easy-to-use parental controls
- Three Yahoo! auctions and classifieds listings
SBC Unlimited  Long Distance Service

SBC Long Distance

SBC Unlimited Long Distance Service

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SBC Long Distance - Enjoy long distance calling without the hassles of existing long distance companies. Get great low per minute rates from home to anyone, anywhere, anytime with any one of our long distance plans.


SBC Company Profile

- Has the strongest balance sheet in the industry
- Is the second largest local service provider in the U.S.
- Makes multi-year, multi-billion-dollar investments to develop new technologies
- Yahoo!® internet services alliances - Is the market leader in high-speed DSL Internet access service
- Has been rated the world's most admired telecommunications company for the past 5 years by Fortune magazine.

Through SBC subsidiaries, SBC companies provide a full range of voice, data, networking and e-business services to address the specific needs of individual businesses and consumers. SBC is America's leading provider of high-speed DSL Internet access service, and one of the nation's leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

SBC companies currently have more than 60 million access lines nationwide. SBC also has a 60 percent equity interest in Cingular Wireless, its joint venture with BellSouth, which serves more than 21 million wireless customers.

Yahoo!, the Yahoo! logos and other Yahoo! logos and product and service names are the trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Yahoo! Inc. SBC, the SBC logo and all other SBC logos and product and service names are the trademarks and/or registered trademarks of SBC Knowledge Ventures, L.P. All other brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

SBC Yahoo! DSL is an information service that combines DSL transport, Internet access and applications from SBC Internet Services, with customized content, services, and applications from Yahoo! Inc. Further details on offers/packages provided during enrollment and registration. Acceptance of Terms of Service required.



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TITLE: SBC DSL and SBC YAHOO DSL High Speed Internet Access Promotion at CitiMall.com Shoppping Mall


Shopping Mall: SBC DSL and SBC Yahoo DSL Internet Special Promotion Offers

SBC Yahoo!® DSL SERVICE Topics: SBC Yahoo!® DSL High-Speed Internet Service, SBC Yahoo!® DIAL, SBC Long Distance