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In this site you can learn why, what, when, where, how to about KELLEY BLUE BOOK VALUE on new and used cars on any make and model.

What is KELLEY BLUE BOOK VALUE ? How to read KELLEY BLUE BOOK VALUE ? What is my car current value?
What is Kelley Blue Book Price on classic and used cars? Where can I find Blue Book Value on my car? What is low blue book price?
How to use Kelley Blue Book, VIN number, AutoCheck and NADA to get the best value? And more FAQs on Kelley Blue Book Value

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What's your car worth? Should you sell or trade in? How do the 2003 models stack up? Find answers to these questions and more at the Kelley Blue Book site, a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource from the folks who brought you the original Used Car Buyer's Bible.

What is the "Kelley Blue Book" Value?

Consumer and auto dealer has been using many used car price guides when they shop for a used car or when they want to sell their used cars. Oneof the most popular used cars price guide is Kelley Blue Book

Let's say you are looking to buy a used car. You find one in the parking lot of the used cars section of the auto dealership. On the car there will be a window sticker, and you know how much the seller is offering to sell it for - its "listing price." You'd like help figuring out what that used car is "worth" — what a fair price would be for that particular car. So you research what similar cars with that make, model, and options have sold for recently.

Suppose you search on the internet for used car price value the result came back and list of comparable cars, and what their listing prices are." But what I need to know is what they sold for. Most likely none of those sellers got their asking price. Only if I know the actual transaction prices for the other car will I have some idea of what a fair price is for the car I want."

This concept may seem self-evident. But if it is, why do consumers forget all about it when they go shopping for a used car? Here is what frequently happens.

You find a used car you are interested in on a dealer's lot, and you need to figure out how much you are willing to pay for it. The negotiation process is about to begin, and you want it to result in your buying the car for a fair price.

All too often, however, the dealer will direct your attention to a printed price guide — and often it will be the Kelley Blue Book. (Kelley publishes more than one price guide for used cars, but the one your dealer is likely to use is the one labeled "Kelley Blue Book Auto Market Report — Official Guide," the version of the book that Kelley sells to dealers.)

The salesperson will look up the car you are shopping for in the Kelley Blue Book, and will point to the "retail" price for that car. And then he will assert that since the price he is asking is quite a bit less, you should rest assured that he is asking a fair price. The implication is: why negotiate further?

But what is that "Kelley Blue Book" value he showed you? Is it the price at which cars like yours have recently sold to other buyers? Is it even an estimate of the actual transaction prices?

Surprising to most used car buyers, it is not! It is only an estimate by Kelley of the "listing" prices being asked by dealers — not what they are really getting for the car. As Kelley forthrightly says in the book, these are "suggested retail values" (although we bet that your dealer won't show that to you). The book clearly states:

SUGGESTED RETAIL VALUES represent Kelley Blue Book's estimated dealer asking price. The actual selling price may vary substantially.
Yes, we agree with that: In our opinion, they do vary substantially. And in most cases, they are likely to be substantially lower than the asking price. After all, how many sellers of houses, or anything negotiable for that matter, get their asking price?

And as the version of the Kelley Blue Book that Kelley offers to consumers states:

Retail Values represent what a dealer may ask for the vehicle once it has been inspected, reconditioned and possibly warranted. This is the "Asking Price" and you may expect to pay less. (Italics added.)
Yes, based on our research, you often may expect to pay a lot less.

Our advice is simple: If a salesperson whips out a copy of the dealer edition of the Kelley Blue Book and points to one of its retail prices, say to him or her: "It is nice to know the price that Kelley thinks dealers are asking for this car, but can you show me what dealers are actually selling this car for?"

And if the dealer says that Kelley doesn't publish those values, ask him to tell you the dealer retail True Market Value® for the car. That TMV® price is the estimated average selling price for your car, and it's what you need to know to negotiate a fair price.

Edmunds New Cars & Trucks Buyer's Guide 2004 Annual


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The Book:

Kelley Blue Book

Used Car Guide:

Consumer Edition, January-June 2004

Kelley Blue Book


Editorial Reviews on Kelley Blue Book

(Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide. Consumer Edition, Vol 12, January-June, 2004)

An essential resource for anyone looking to buy, sell, or trade in a used car, this portable volume provides the general public with information that was originally restricted to the automotive industry: original list prices, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), and trade-in, private-party, and retail values for vehicles, according to condition. First published in 1926 to help auto dealers, financial institutions, and others in the trade, the Kelley Blue Book has been available to consumers since 1993. This edition covers model years 1989 to 2003. Also included are values for additional options and equipment, a table of acceptable mileage ranges by year, and tips on buying a used car.

Blue Book Consumer Edition January-June 2004 - For only $9.95! Includes values for used cars, trucks and vans covering model years 1988 to 2002. The Consumer Edition includes three values:

  • Retail
  • Private Party
  • Trade In


The following are more information and news on Kelley Blue Book

AUTO LEMON - USED CAR HISTORY CHECK offers unlimited VIN number check for auto vehicle history report, i.e., odometer rollback, recall, Lemon Car Check, car accident report, salvage, or flood damage.
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Salvage File
A full AutoCheck Report can uncover if this vehicle was damaged in a major accident or wreck. These damaged cars are often sold to buyers without disclosing the problem past.


How to use AutoCheck and Kelley Blue Book in buying or selling a car decision?

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Lemon File
Many states across the country have Lemon Laws to protect consumers from buying a bad car. A full AutoCheck Report can help you avoid these problem cars.

Since the day AutoCheck vehicle history report was made available to public, consumers now can gain an insight of what was going on through a vehicle usage history. This is the day when certain unscrupulous used car dealerships that sell shady used cars feared of. These unscrupulous dealerships make tons of money buying and selling salvaged, previous major accident, lemon status "problem ridden car", government or financial institution seized cars that they bought from auto auction. These dealerships have been growing really big because the consumers did not know that they can have access to a vehicle history data. Since you already found our site, you have the power to help your friend and families from getting conned by those dealership.

Automobile consumers have been using AutoCheck Vehicle History Report as essential source of evidence on a specific car history when buying or selling used car. Running a complete AutoCheck Report is the first step that people do after they scanned and select potential used cars. The detailed results from the report search and check help customers narrow down the number of potential cars that they are interested to pursue.

Kelley Blue Book help facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers by offering Kelley Blue Book used car value prices. This blue book value price can be used as your guidance for the "reasonable" market price for used cars with that make, model, year and option.

The vehicle history report that you pull out from AutoCheck can be used to investigate that particular car information pertaining to a vehicle's title, registration and usage or driving habit of the previous owners.

A clean history record will have a positive effect on the car market value. A blemished record will have an adverse effect to the car resale value. Another important things to consider is to always do at least 100 plus points service inspection and ask for previous service maintenance and repair record. Using all of the above information you have a powerful car fact to back up your decision,

Sellers of used cars should at least run 1 car history report when they try to sell their vehicle. These are for their own safety precaution that there have been no reported problems on their vehicles. In many cases, some sellers got embarrased when their potential customers showed them AutoCheck vehicle history report which listed the cars they were trying to sell were lemon.

As a buyer : when you see a clean record you are more confidence in the bargaining process for your dream car. This vehicle history report play an important role when you compare many identical vehicles, especially when the sellers are from far away. First, you need to enter the VIN number to our AutoCheck Lemon Car Check from each car you found on the used cars classifieds from Internet, magazines, or newspapers. Next print them out to do a comparison. This car fact report should help you weed out many cars that have questionable records. Start from the car that has a perfect record and go step by step down to the car that has questionable record. Then just contact the person with the car that meet Kelley Blue Book value price range. If the car is located far away, you should ask for recent pictures of the car and a fax of the recent service maintenance receipt and mechanics note on the car. Then, determine the the car value worth based on all information you just gathered and compared to similar car that has similar history. Next, contact the owner to fill out missing information based on the vehicle history report. Finally, you need to decide the value weight you put on each car and start to bargain the car that has the best value.

As a buyer: you will be able to sell your car faster when you are upfront to the potential buyers. Do a used car history Lemon Car Check, you can buy either 1-single report if you don't need to buy a used car to replace your existing car or you can buy 30 days trial to unlimited report when you are going to replace your car with a preowned car. Show the print out report to potential buyer and explain potentially questionable records, such as lease, auction, commercial vehicle, finance status, discrepancies in the number of previous owner based on title transfer (a title transfer does not always mean a transfer of ownership, it can be an adding or substracting a personal individual or commercial business party name). Don't be unprepared when a potential buyer already print out his own AUTO LEMON - USED CAR HISTORY CHECK and Kelley Blue Book value estimation. Use the combination of the report and blue book values to determine the acceptable fair market value and be confidence when you stand your ground on your offer price.

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