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Newer used cars are 'just as likely to break down'

Over a quarter of people who buy used cars choose vehicles aged between three and five years, yet these break down almost as frequently as older models, according to new research.

A third of used cars over three years old, which make up 90% of the used car market, will need some repair work within their first year with a new owner, said independent vehicle inspection provider Used Car Checks and warranty specialist Warranty Direct.

While cars over six years old report more failures than those under this age in the first six months of ownership, between six and 12 months the newer cars are just as likely to breakdown as their older counterparts.

Those who buy newer used cars will risk to pay their own repair bills on the first few months of ownership.

The above research data shows us how important it is to get auto extended warranty for your used cars.

Most independent local used car dealership will not honor any warranty claim if your car are broken once it come out of their lot. So make sure that your check the car to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the car.

Make sure you test drive the car through the local road and the high way before you decide to buy it. Listen and feel any suspicious noise from the engine or any moving part. Sometimes it can be an easy fix but sometimes it can be a major repair. Last year, when I went to the local used car broker, I test drove a used Nissan Altima from the parking lot. On the way to the highway, the car start to shake, and the engine light is on. So we went back to the dealership and ask the mechanics to check the car. Apparently the employee washed the engine and some water entered the engine spark plugs area. They just used high pressure air to remove the water.The car run fine after that. An easy fix. But people won't be so lucky all the time.

Auto Extended Warranty Repair: the following is from european market data.

Used car sales have increased by more than 10% year on year, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, with a 30% annual increase in used car sales in last March alone.

The increase in sales comes on the back of a boost in new car sales. The west European car market showed strong growth, with sales up 4.4% on September last year, the Association of European Car Manufacturers said today.

"Dealers have an obligation to carry out a Pre-Delivery Inspection and, under EU law, are now responsible for the burden of proof for the first six months if anything goes wrong," said James Ruppert of Used Car Checks. "The private seller is under no such obligation and that's when things can go wrong."


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Warranty : usually written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts

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