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Using Auto Warranty to Get Free Repairs You Are Entitled to Receive


In addition to the warranties discussed thus far, new cars also come with tire and battery warranties. Tires are covered by the tire manufacturer, not by the new car manufacturer. This warranty usually states that a tire that fails because of a manufacturing deficiency or a flaw in material during the first 25 percent of usable tread wear or within 12 months from the day the tire is put into
use will be replaced at no cost. Thereafter, you must share the cost
on what is called a "prorated adjustment basis." For instance, if a tire had an original tread of 8/32 of an inch but has only 4/32 of an inch remaining when it fails, you must share the cost of a new tire on a 50/50 prorated adjustment basis with the tire company. You pay half; the tire company pays half.

A battery warranty works the same way. The car manufacturer will replace a defective battery without charge if it fails during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Thereafter, the cost of replacement is shared on a prorated adjustment

In those cars that have air bags, the air bag (supplemental restraint) system is covered in full for at least three years regardless of mileage. This warranty is automatically transferred with the car at no cost if it is sold to another party.

Car manufacturers also issue corrosion warranties. Most manufacturers will repair or replace, at no cost to you, any metal panel that is completely rusted through (perforated). Surface rust doesn't count.


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